Do Kids Need ID to Fly?

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I recently had a question emailed to me regarding whether children need ID to fly or not:


Dear Nick, I am going on holiday with my toddler in a couple of months and we will need to fly to get there. Do kids need ID to fly, or are they excluded providing they’re with me? 


A. This is a question with two answers:

The ID requirements for children flying on domestic flights (in the USA) vary, as each airline has their own set requirements about whether kids need ID to fly or not (and if so, what kind of ID). Generally on domestic flights, however, children (under the age of 18) DO NOT need identification to fly, but it’s always best to double-check with the airline beforehand (just in case). If you want to be extra careful, take a copy of their birth certificate with you.

For international flights, 99% of the time time children (aged 0 – 18) will need ID to fly. This ‘ID’ must also be in the form of a passport, as a birth certificate will not suffice for international travel.

Hopefully this clears things up Julie!

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