How to Prevent Yourself Being Pickpocketed

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It is estimated that on any given day, over 100 people will be pickpocketed in every major city.

Most pickpockets tend to target tourists, as they’re often not as wise to their tricks and because they tend to carry larger amounts of cash around with them.

So as a traveler what can you do to protect yourself against pickpockets when abroad?

Sean O’Neill (from has some interesting ideas on this subject, and has listed the 5 most common places people store valuables (front pocket of your pants, back pocket of your pants, inside pocket of your jacket, backpack and purse), along with which places are most likely to be pickpocketed (back pocket of your pants, backpack and purse), which places are the safest of those (front pocket of your pants and inside pocket of your jacket) and what to watch out for (i.e. how pickpockets will target you).

For the full list, along with ‘expert insights’, check out

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