How to Travel the World with Less Than 10 lbs

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The name of the game in world travel these days is being “fashionably light.”

So says Tim Ferriss; expert traveler and host of

Tim has traveled the world extensively, and in doing so he has learnt to treat packing like an art form – to the point where his total luggage weighs no more than 10 pounds!

But how does Tim do it? Here’s what Tim has to say:

“I practice what I’ll label the BIT method of travel: Buy It There.

If you pack for every contingency — better bring the hiking books in case we go hiking, better bring an umbrella in case it rains, better bring dress shoes and slacks in case we go to a nice restaurant, etc. — carrying a mule-worthy load is inevitable.

I’ve learned to instead allocate $50-200 per trip to a “settling fund,” which I use to buy needed items once they’re 100% needed.

This includes cumbersome and hassle items like umbrellas and bottles of sunscreen that love to explode. Also, never buy if you can borrow. If you’re going on a bird watching trip in Costa Rica, you don’t need to bring binoculars — someone else will have them.”

Sound advice indeed!

I’ve found that lots of inexperienced travelers try to pack too much because they’re not sure that if they’ll be able to find *whatever* when they get there (E.g. “Will they have umbrellas in Thailand?”)

Once you’ve been to a few places you’ll realise how silly this notion is, and you’ll also realise that going out to buy simple household items (like sunscreen or a pair of shoes) while traveling can result in an unexpected (yet highly entertaining) adventure.

Source: Four Hour Workweek.

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