How Teaching English Abroad Can Lead to a Gap Year-Like Lifestyle

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Many people dream of taking a gap year abroad because of the amazing lifestyle it offers.

But what if you wanted to have a similar lifestyle permanently? And what if you want to find love along the way?

Jessica Moore from the Independent has written an interesting article on this very topic:

“Forget about speed dating. Those looking for love could do worse than sign up for a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course.

“We’re calling it the China love affair,” jokes Vicky Cunningham, senior marketing officer for Bunac, a gap-year provider offering work, teaching and volunteering experiences abroad. “A guy and a girl have just come back from our six-month China programme, doing teaching internships. They met out there and fell head over heels. The girl has now decided to pursue a career in teaching, too, so she’s found love and a career off the back of it.”

While romance is not guaranteed, TEFL boasts a reputable qualification with excellent rates of employment and exciting opportunities to work all over the world. “Teaching English as a foreign language is really popular,” says Cunningham.

BUNAC ships those with TEFL qualifications to Cambodia, China, India, Ghana, Peru and South Africa. “All of the projects we offer are constructive, but TEFL is something you have on your CV and, if you’ve put it into practice, a skill you can use again in the future. It’s not just helping out, it’s a hard-and-fast qualification, and you can earn with it.”

The best thing about this? Almost anyone can teach English:

“What’s more, it’s open to anyone over the age of 18 who speaks fluent English. Honor Baldry, a spokesperson for i-to-i, a UK provider of TEFL courses, says: “There are very few barriers. We say if you can speak English, you can teach English.”


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