How Will Technology Change the Way We Travel?

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Throughout the years, advancements in technology have always changed the way we live and the way we do things.

Even so far in our lifetime we’ve seen technology change the way we travel – from the dawn of the internet (and price comparison websites), smartphones (with their army of apps) and GPS-based route-finder devices (such as TomTom’s and Garmin’s).

Ed Perkins from has written an article about how technology is changing the way we travel. He starts by talking about Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi Everywhere

Virtually universal Wi-Fi is probably the next technology to reach full maturity. You want to travel with a computing device and you want that device to communicate through the Internet.

You already see Wi-Fi widely available in hotels, restaurants, coffehouses, airports, and such. The main remaining question is how much of it will be “free” and how much will be for a fee.

It is certainly true that Wi-Fi seems to be almost everywhere nowadays (at least in built-up areas), but for truly universal Wi-Fi who will pay for it?

Ed goes on to talk about next-gen air traffic control:

The slowest new-tech travel/transportation introduction in memory – maybe the slowest, ever – is the glacial pace of “NextGen” air traffic control. The satellite-based technology is mature, and in fact is already operational in a few places on a few airlines.

And it’s a win-win development for both consumers and airlines: It can cut fuel consumption, reduce delays, and generally improve reliability across the entire ATC system.

It can equip virtually any airport in the country for almost-all-weather operations, at a small fraction of the cost of the elaborate ILS systems previously required.

This would certainly be a welcome addition, as there’s nothing worse than circling around an airport for an hour waiting for your turn to land.


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