‘Get Lost’ App Designed to Send You on a Random Road Trip

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Ever wanted to go on a road trip or do something spontaneous but not been sure what to do?

‘Get Lost’ is a new phone application that’s been developed by the people behind the ‘Smart Car’ brand and is designed to send users on random and fun road trips.

So how does the app actually work?

Becca from ShinyShiny reports:

“The app uses location-based technology to locate the driver and suggests a randomly generated place for them and their passengers to visit. The user can set how far they want to travel (so they don’t end up in Belgium) and then they’re given step-by-step instructions about how to get there.”

The destinations are randomly selected using Yelp, so users could find themselves anywhere from a local castle to a cupcake museum. It’s definitely one for people with a lot of time on their hands, but a pretty fun and relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

In addition to this, the app has several different ‘modes’. For example, when using the ‘extreme’ mode, you won’t know where you’re going until you get there, but with the ‘moderate’ mode you’ll have more of an idea and you’ll have more input into the decision as to where you end up.

The Get Lost App is currently available for free on both the iPhone and the Android.

Source: ShinyShiny.tv

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