How to Create the Perfect CouchSurfing Profile

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Creating an awesome CouchSurfing profile is half the battle as you aim to travel the world on a tight budget (much like creating a good profile on a dating website is important if you want to meet people).

If you’ve been using for a while and haven’t had any of your requests for couches to sleep on granted, have you stopped to think about the state of your user profile and how you could improve it?

What is CouchSurfing?
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Creating an Awesome CouchSurfing Profile

As someone who’s seen a few CouchSurfing profiles in his time, it’s pretty clear to me right away what’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘bad’ in a profile.

user profileJust as with online dating, there are certain things that people (i.e. hosts in this case) look for, and certain things that make them run for the hills.

If you’ve ever CouchSurfed before, you’ll know that not all hosts are equal. Some are better than others (i.e. they’re a nicer person, they have a nicer house, their house is in a better part of town, etc.)

Because of this, it’s natural for everyone to compete for the opportunity to stay on the best host’s places, so there’s a chance you could be competing with dozens of other people (which is why you need to have an awesome profile).

Here are 6 tips for creating the perfect CouchSurfing profile:

1. Be Detailed and Put the Effort in
The more detail you can provide about yourself, the better. Remember, the only opinion the host will have of you is what they see in your profile, so by going into detail and clearly putting the effort in you’ll appear far more genuine and serious.

2. Add Good Pictures to Your Profile
This is a very important one. No-one will give you the time of day unless you’ve got a good picture they can look at.

Find a nice picture of yourself where you’re smiling (or where you look like you’re having fun). Also, make sure that you’re the only person shown in the picture to avoid confusion.

3. Show Your Interesting Side
Everybody has SOMETHING that’s interesting about them – something that makes them stand out. This might be a hobby you have, a musical instrument you play or something you’re interested in.

Having a common interest with the host will get you a long way.

It’s not a good idea to mention anything that’s too weird or illegal, however, so if your hobby is dealing drugs you might want to keep that to yourself!

4. Add a Touch of Humor to Your Profile
It’s a good idea to add a touch of light humor to your profile to show that you’re an easy-going person with a good sense of humor.

When messaging your potential host, acknowledging the strangeness of the situation/interaction will defuse the tension and pain you in a good light.

5. List Special Skills
If you’ve got any special skills that could benefit the host, don’t forget to mention them.

I’m not talking about X-Ray vision or invisibility here – more like being good at cooking. Although you shouldn’t offer it right away, making a nice meal for your host will go a long way to repaying their good will.

6. Talk About Your Travels
Chances are if you’re CouchSurfing you’ve already been to a couple of places or done some traveling before, so talk a little bit about that and in particular what the highlights were for you.

This is another way which you can connect with hosts, and it’ll also show them that you’re an independent person who won’t be relying on them for entertainment.

So there you have it!

As an extra tip, try to keep active in the CouchSurfing community. Logging in frequently and participating in the discussions in the online forums will make you seem that bit more real, and your chances of being accepted by a host will improve dramatically if they can see that you’re a good, helpful person who is genuinely interested in the community.

Last but not least, once you’ve created what you consider to be a fairly awesome profile, leave it a day and then come back and read it over. Ask yourself whether you’d reply to someone with the same profile as yours, and if not, why not?

Once you’ve created your perfect CouchSurfing profile, check out this post on ‘How to CouchSurf like a pro’ to learn how to take the next step in your CouchSurfing adventure.

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