Where Should I Go Traveling? How to Decide Where to Go

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Once people have decided they want to go traveling, the next question they usually ask themselves is “Where do I want to go?”

Unless you’re planning on traveling for the remainder of your life, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to visit every country.

This means you’ll have to make some hard decisions at one point or another and rule out visiting certain countries/regions.

Take some time out to think about where you might like to go or what you might like to do (and which countries you can do that in). Look through an atlas for inspiration and talk to any friends that have been traveling themselves. Was there somewhere in a film that you liked the look of? Write it down.

Popular travel routes include:

  • Starting off in South-East Asia, moving on to Australia and New Zealand before finishing off in the USA.
  • Circling around South America before seeing a few of the island in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Taking the famous overland route of Cairo to Cape Town.
  • Starting in Moscow and taking the Trans-Siberian Express train to Beijing before exploring the rest of China.
  • Buying a Eurail Pass and taking in the sights of Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, the UK, etc.)

First Time?
sunsetIf this is your first trip, it’s best to steer clear of the more ‘difficult’ countries to begin with. For example, if you’ve never left the USA or the UK before, going straight to somewhere like Ghana can come as quite a shock – especially as countries such as this aren’t particularly catering to travelers.

Thailand and Australia are much better places to begin your travel adventure, for example, as they’re perfectly set up to ease you into the traveling experience (my first trip was to South-East Asia).

Part of your decision may be made by how much money you have to spend (i.e. your budget) as well as how much time you have available. Traveling South-East Asia is far cheaper than traveling Australia or Japan, for example.

For more information on budgeting for a trip, check out this post titled ‘how much does it cost to travel the world’.

The Best Time to Fly
Note that the best time to fly is between Tuesday and Thursday, as this is when flights are cheapest and airports are the least busy.

Note, however, that local events can have a massive effect on the cost of plane tickets. For example, if you wanted to fly to Hong Kong during February you’d be arriving just before Chinese New Year.

While it can be fun to be around such festive celebrations, always bear in mind the extra costs that they bring.

In the end, you’re the only person that can (and should) decide where you want to go. Think about WHY you want to go traveling. What are the reasons behind it? That should provide some answers.

For a list of sample travel itineraries (organized by region), check out this post.

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