Will Taking a Gap Year Cause You to Lose Motivation?

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One of the biggest fears most parents have when their teenager tells them they want to take a gap year, is that they think they’ll lose motivation and end up avoiding work and education, whilst dreaming about the year of adventure that’s now over.

Is there any truth in this fear? Will taking a gap year cause you to turn into a lazy bum, or can gap years actually have a positive effect?

Let’s hear what Suzi of TravelGuideline.net has to say:

“The truth is, self-motivation is entirely dependent on the individual and no holiday, weekend break or year abroad is going to negatively affect the way travelers live when they return. For the majority, gap years in fact do the opposite, providing the individual with brand new experiences, a wider knowledge of the world and in some cases new ambitions for life goals.”

In addition to this, it seems that gap years can increase the number of working opportunities a person has:

“Spending a gap year aboard opens a huge range of possibilities that extend further than lying on a beach or sipping cocktails under the stars. There are a wide variety of gap year programs that provide the choice to work abroad or get stuck into some volunteer work too.”

Suzi’s argument that taking a gap year can actually INCREASE your motivation is a convincing one, as she provides examples of some of the amazing things one can do in a gap year:

“Instead of watching the adverts and donating money from afar, why not take a hands on approach with volunteer work in some of the poorest rural communities in Costa Rica?”

“You could be building safe and secure homes for desperate families who need your help alongside exploring this beautiful Central American country. It’s hard to find a more rewarding opportunity than providing people with caring support and making a difference to the people who need it most.”

“Whoever claimed that gap years are demotivating has obviously never experienced trips like these.”

So there you have it!

It seems that the most important thing to remember when taking a gap year is that you should actually do something meaningful, adventurous and proactive, rather than just taking a year out and sitting at home all day.

Source: TravelGuideline.net

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