Why More Women Than Ever Are Traveling Solo

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Traveling solo is one of the best ways to experience the world as you’re living entirely on your own terms and you’re not compromising for anyone.

Unfortunately, solo travel seems to be something that’s more geared towards men, as women traditionally have seldom traveled alone (due to fears for their safety and several other reasons).

It seems, however, that the tide may slowly be turning, and that more women are taking the plunge and traveling solo. Why is this, and what does it mean for you?

Huang Huifen Of TheJakartaGlobe.com has this to say:

“Many of them do so because they cannot find someone to travel with or simply because they love the freedom of sightseeing at their own pace and having quality me-time.”

woman in fieldIndeed, many travel agencies in the last few years have reported that more female travelers than ever have embarked on ‘flashpacking trips’ – Backpacking on a larger budget, which has seen them travel to wellness and relaxation retreats/spas all across Europe, the USA and Asia.

“”These trips are usually to Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia and Spain. From what we know, most of these trips are for self-actualization and a form of respite from bustling city life,” the spokesman says.”

So what’s the reason for this increase in female solo travelers? Huang continues:

“Indeed, greater financial independence has given rise to this trend.

Women travelers are becoming more independent, too.

CTC Travel’s senior vice-president of marketing and public relations, Alicia Seah, says that five years ago, solo female travelers tended to join group tours for safety. But in the last three years, female travelers have been asking for free-and-easy or customized itineraries to beauty and wellness retreats in Korea and Thailand.”

So what are the positives of women traveling alone? Let’s hear what Christine Tan, 33, who travelled alone to Europe in March has to say:

“Traveling alone is a great ego-booster. Whenever people found out that I was traveling alone, they would be in awe and it made me feel good because it takes lots of courage and determination to travel alone.”

“I am usually shy and reserved but have become braver after having to muster up the courage to approach strangers for help. It’s a journey of self-discovery.”

Of course, traveling solo has it’s downsides as well – particularly if you’re a woman, as unwanted attention from the opposite sex can be more than annoying, and the loneliness felt at times (especially if you’re not typically an outgoing, independent person) can be tough.

Source: The Jakarta Globe.com

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