The Best Cities in the World for Food Lovers

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There is often a lot of debating as to which countries/cities have the ‘best’ food.

While something like this is always going to be down to a matter of opinion, it is true that most food critics/experts will often list you the same 10-15 cities that they consider to be the best.

Let’s see what Ben Groundwater of the Sydney Morning Herald has to say:

“I’m not sure when it became cool to be a foodie. Used to be you were just keen on eating; or fat. Now everyone’s a foodie and proud, especially when they travel. You ate at McDonald’s? Don’t even talk to me. It’s all about hardcore hawker food and dining with the locals.”

Eating isn’t just something you do when you travel, it’s a reason for doing it. And a good one, too.”

Ben goes on to list his 10 favorite cities for ‘foodies’ (a.k.a. lovers of food). The list of cities includes Tokyo (Japan), Beijing (China), New York (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Singapore, Hanoi (Vietnam), Mexico City (Mexico), Mysore (India), San Sebastian (Spain) and Bologna (Italy).

I was pleased to see the list contains a wide variation of foods (just about every kind I could think of), so it’s clear he’s tried to cover all the based.

Whether you’re a food fanatic or you just like traveling, visiting any of the 10 cities listed above is bound to be an interesting experience!

To read the full article and to continue the debate, click here.

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